The Biggest Mistake Business Website Owners Make (and How to Fix it)

It sounds very simple but this is one of the biggest mistakes that I see business owners make with their website. It doesn’t matter what type of website you have:

[headline style=”12″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h3″ highlight=”%23def5fc”]You Must Collect Visitor Email Address[/headline]

By collecting a visitor’s email address, you can build an online list of prospects that are interested and market to them.

Your goal will be to help turn that subscriber to a lead and ultimately into a sale. Some of the biggest marketers on the web have said over and over again:

[headline style=”12″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h4″ highlight=”%23def5fc”]The Money Is In The List![/headline]

There are lots of ways to collect an email address. The most popular method to collect emails is by using a Lead Magnet.

A lead magnet’s goal is to provide information of value in return for their name and email. For example, a lead magnet for an online store could be to offer a coupon when they sign up for your email list.

If your website provides professional services, then you can include a special report (like the one you’re reading now), an email course or a case study or anything that you think your visitors will find value in.

You can use a service like aWeber or Getresponse to build your email list and then market to them.

If you have a website, then find out what the pain points of your customer is and then offer them something of value based on it.

Here’s a great article about 29 Killer Bribes to Grow Your Email List (using a lead magnet):

Here’s how to start:

[step_graphics style=”2″ color=””] [step style=”2″ text=”1″ headline=”Step 1″]Put together a list of pain points for your potential customers and consider asking current customers too.[/step] [step style=”2″ text=”2″ headline=”Step 2″]Setup a Lead Magnet and ask your webmaster to tie it into an aWeber or Getresponse or an email marketing platform.[/step] [step style=”2″ text=”3″ headline=”Step 3″]Install it on your website.[/step] [step style=”2″ text=”4″ headline=”Step 4″]Build value and increase your authority by providing those email subscribers with valuable information[/step] [step style=”2″ text=”5″ headline=”Step 5″]Create an offer that they can’t refuse and make sure it’s a special offer that is only available for a limited time.[/step] [/step_graphics]

Test different types of pain points, different graphics, different offer, different everything until you perfect your lead magnet. Then try to improve upon it even more. Test, Measure, Repeat.

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