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How To Offer Bulk Pricing On Your WooCommerce Online Store

WooCommerce is a very thoroughly designed software that allows you to manage your online wordpress store.  There are a host of features available in the base version but often times your store needs something extra.

This is exactly what happened with a recent client who I was building an ecommerce store for.  He wanted to be able to offer pricing on items based on quantity of items that a buyer adds to their shopping cart.

An example would be:

  • 1-10 items = $15 / each
  • 11-25 items = $14 / each
  • 26-50 items = $13 / each
  • 51 and above = $12 / each

WooCommerce doesn’t support something like this in the base version so I had to find another way to do this.

After doing some research I found a handy little WooCommerce Plugin called Woo Product Quantity Range Price.

Installing it was very easy.  You just install it like you would a regular wordpress plugin.  Once you’ve installed and activated it then you’ll see a few extra features when you’re adding or editing a product.

How to Setup The Item Based on Quantity

Scroll down to the section for “Product Data”.  In this case I’ll be using “Variable Product” since I have different sizes for the product.  This will work for other Product types too.

Then select “Variations”.

I have multiple sizes. Next to one of the sizes when your mouse go over it you’ll see three options on the right. There’s the drag and drop icon, the expand arrow and “remove” link.

Make sure that the “Sold Individually” in the “Inventory” section is NOT Checked.

woocommerce price by quantity range

Click on the expand arrow and you’ll see more options.

You’ll notice there is now a new section at the bottom for “Enable Product Quantity Range Pricing facility”.  Make sure it’s set to ON in green color.   There are 6 columns in the table.  The first is the Miniumum Quantity, then the Maximum Quantity, Price Type, Price, User Role, Action.

Product quantity range pricing

I’ve entered in some information above already.

  1. In the first row I’ve set it so that if the shopper adds between 1 to 19 items then the selling price is $8 / per item.
  2. In the second row I have it so that if the shopper adds between 20 to 300 items then the selling price is $7 / per item.

If you need to add more pricing then click on the “Add New Price” button above the table.

There are more options available in this plugin such as a price discount, percentage discount, which type of user to offer this pricing to.

In my case I have to apply it to every size. If your products don’t have any size or attributes then that’s fine.  This will work perfectly.

That’s it.  Just make sure to save your changes.  The pricing of this product will now change depending on how many items the customer adds to their shopping cart. Also a Pricing Table shows them all of the possible savings.

Quantity Pricing Table

I did have one issue but I think that was because of the WooCommerce theme that I was using. The issue is that the layout of the pricing table on the products page was a bit off. So I had to manually go in there and update the CSS.

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