7 Web Design Tips For Starts-Ups

If your business is launching or thinking about creating a website then there are some very important web design tips.

Here are 7 tips before you launch your website:

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  • Register your .com / .net name
    Don’t let your webmaster register it under his/her their account instead make sure you buy and create it under your own account.  You can use popular website domain name registrars such as www.GoDaddy.com and www.Hosting.com for as little as $15/year.
  • Setup hosting and email
    Now this part depends on how much you think internet will play a role in your business. If you’re like most businesses then it will be important.  Hosting accounts now support a lot of space and ability to setup almost unlimited email accounts. So for most businesses basic hosting accounts will work just fine.The system I would recommend using is Linux although it will depend on what language your website development team is planning on working with.Tip: Make sure to keep your hosting and if possible your email passwords up to date.
  • Online Payments
    If your website also accepts credit card payments online then make sure you also buy an SSL. An SSL basically encrypts the information that’s sent from your browser to the server so that someone in between can’t just see your credit card information and other private information.Also from a programming stand point of view talk to your website development team to NOT store credit card information on your database because that will make you a big target to hackers. Instead if you really need to then try storing the last 4 digits of the credit card.
  • Antivirus & Software Security
    If you plan on having desktop computers available in your office then make sure you setup and install an antivirus system. There are a lot of antivirus systems available and some are even free. Make sure you setup the antivirus software to automatically update itself at least once a week so that its up-to-date with the most recent threats.
  • Phishing Policy
    Also consider setting up policies for downloading email attachments and files. The best antivirus system won’t prevent a file that someone downloads and opens unknowingly which would end up installing viruses and malware on your computer.
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery
    Setup a system for backing up documents and files. There are a lot of services out there with some of the more popular ones such as Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Carbonite and others. They allow you to automatically backup your files and folders to an online location. That way if you’re faced with a natural disaster or a virus or anything else then you can recover files to your new computer.Tip: Make sure to scan all files using antivirus software before uploading to your online account.
  • Wifi-Network / LAN Network
    Then you’ll have to consider setting up a network. For this step you’ll need to purchase a Router — it can be wired and/or wireless it depends on how big your business is. With a router you can allow multiple computers, laptops, ipads, phones to share from your main internet provider — whether that’s Cable or DSL or something else.  Make sure that if you setup a wireless network then at the very least to password protect it. Make sure to update your password every few months.

I hope that help you clear up some of the main points about launching a web design for your business.

Sameep Shah

Sameep is a Web design & SEO Expert at SimpleWebDesign.net. His expertise has been seen on Inc.com, Medium.com and others. He's also an entry level dad with 4 years of experience (and still learning).

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