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We have an experienced Laravel team with 15 years of combined experience that has worked on over 40+ Laravel Projects and 20 Core PHP / Wordpress Websites.

Laravel functionalities that we've worked with include:

    1. Eloquent ORM
    2. Polymorphic Relationships
    3. Contracts
    4. Repository
    5. View Composer
    6. Commands
    7. Observers
    8. Facades
    9. Form Requests
    10. Blade Templating
    11. Service Providers
    12. Scheduling - Jobs - Queues
    13. Migrations
    14. Seeders: ( Creating Initial Setup Data )
    15. Model Factory: ( Generating Fake Data Required For Testing )
    16. Middleware
    17. CSRF Protection
    18. Routing
    19. Packages
    20. Storage - Link
    21. Browser Testing (Laravel Dusk) 
    22. Feature Testing + Database Testing
    23. Laravel Elixir
    24. Redis Cache:
    25. Echo: (Laravel)
    26. Mail
    27. Encryption using AES-256 and AES-128 encryption.

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