Frequently Asked Questions About Web Design

Do we have to host the website with your company?
No. If you've already purchased a domain and/or purchased a hosting account already then their is no need to switch.

Do you have payment plans?
Absolutely. We will work with you to setup a payment plan that fits your budget and timeline. In fact almost all of the work we do is based on several different payment steps / payment plan.

How does invoicing work?
For small web design projects it will start with 30% payment. After the payment we will start on the design process and you'll be involved during each to make sure that the final website meets or exceeds your expectations. Once the website is complete we will then make it live by uploading all of the files.

How long does a website design take to finish?
On average for small business type website, which have about 4-6 web pages, it can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on your response time.

Can you sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Yes. We can sign your NDA during our initial meeting to ensure the highest privacy.

What programming languages do we use?
There are a lot of programming languages for different devices. We work with the one that's most widely used and supported by hosting providers everywhere, PHP, HTML, CSS. Other languages that we also use when needed are Javascript, MySQL for Databases.

Are there any maintenance fees?
For most of the website there will be no maintenance fees required. If you have a website that requires adding, removing products then we will setup an administration area for you that will allow you to manage your products very easily. If you have lots of web pages that need to be updated then we can install a CMS to help you manage those pages. If you are at a point where you need us to make updates then we can definitely provide a monthly option suited specifically for your website.

Will I own full rights to the website?
Yes. You'll own full rights to the design, layout, website. Keep in mind if you decide to purchase stock photography then you'll only own the rights to those stock images for this 1 website only. For each additional website you want to use those pictures on you'll have to purchase additional rights. A great example of a stock photography website that we use is

Want to See our video?
See our introduction video about how our Houston web design services can help your local based business.