Is Your Website Sabotaging Your Website?

Wasn’t it an amazing feeling when your web site first went live. You were just thinking about how you no longer had to tell your clients to just give you a call or even worse tell them you don’t have a web site.

Now fast forward 3 months and you’re getting that dreaded feeling again. You’ve had a web site and you even bought 1000 visitors for $30 from a great promotion that arrived in your email.  It sounded great at the time.

They even emailed you showing that your web site received 1045 visits. And yet you get that dreaded feeling because you know the truth.

The truth being that out all those visitors only one of those actually called you and it didn’t even lead to a sale.

Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re now officially where almost every single website owner has been at one point or another.

But you’re smarter then the average bear and you’ve heard how your cousin’s website is on the first page of google and he’s raking in the money. So you decide that you also need to find an SEO.

After doing lots of research you find an SEO in your local area. His web site looks good and he has some testimonials. Now you decide to talk to and find out how to get your web site to rank on the first page too. He tells you that first we need to find out which keyword phrase to focus on, then to optimize your website and then to start link building. Now it’s up to you to decide what to do next?


Before you do anything else you need to first find out IF the problem with your web site ISN’T your website!


Having a website is not enough, you need to make sure that it’s properly geared to generate leads and sales.

Luckily for you your webmaster did install google analytics. The analytics shows you that yes you did get 1045 visitors last month. What you need to look for now are these three things to make sure it’s NOT your web site that’s sabotaging your web site.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is when a visitor comes to your web site and then they just leave. They don’t read your testimonials or your qualifications or how to contact you. Instead they just leave your web site.

If your bounce rate is above 60% then you really need to consider how to lower it because you WANT visitors to go past the home page and also see other pages.

If they’re just coming and leaving then make sure your pages are loading fast, your links are easy to find, your web site works correctly on different browsers and you have a decent design.

Time On Page

The other factor is time on page. Time on page can show you how long visitors stayed on a specific page. You want the time on page to be as high as possible because that means that the visitors are actually going through your webpage and reading the material on your web site. Bounce rate and time on page are considered on page factors because they are located on your page and that means you can change, and if needed fix them, directly.


This last factor is more off page meaning it’s not something that you can affect easily.

An example of off page is the type of visitors your web site is receiving. If your website offers dental services in Houston area but the visitors that came to your web site were from Dallas then it’s going to be a bit hard for them to consider your services.

Also what if they were from a completely unrelated keyword such as “carpet cleaning”. If a visitor clicked on a link expecting to find “carpet cleaning” services but instead found teeth cleaning services then nothing you can say will convince them not to leave. This is called Targeted Traffic. The more targeted your web site visitors are the more likely they’ll stay, the more likely that they’ll call and you’ll get a sale.

So now you have some thinking to do. Was it one of the on page factors or was it the type of traffic (off-page factor) that sabotaged your web site.

Also that 1000 visitors deal is probably not the best way to go about getting traffic but who knows.

Do you think website is sabotaging itself?  Give me a call at 281-468-7690 and request a website review to see.

Sameep Shah

Sameep is a Web design & SEO Expert at His expertise has been seen on, and others. He's also an entry level dad with 4 years of experience (and still learning).

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