10 Unexpected Ways Websites Increase Sales for Local Businesses

Businessman walking around confusion and chaos on a straight easy path and journey to success as a business metaphor for leadership solution to financial challenges.

More sales. It’s what every small business owner would love to have. Especially in a world with increasing competition from big box stores. It’s safe to say that the pressure on small business owners has never been higher. The good news is that some local businesses have found ways to “fight back” against the competition.…

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The Biggest Mistake Business Website Owners Make (and How to Fix it)


The biggest mistake business website owners make is not capturing email address. It sounds very simple but this is one of the biggest mistakes that I see business owners make with their website. It doesn’t matter what type of website you have: By collecting a visitor’s email address, you can build an online list of…

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7 Web Design Tips For Starts-Ups

If your business is launching or thinking about creating a website then there are some very important web design tips. Here are 7 tips before you launch your website: I hope that help you clear up some of the main points about launching a web design for your business.

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How To Keep Too Much Traffic Overload From Crashing Your Website

Most of you have probably seen a message at one time or another such as “Can’t connect to server” or “Too many Connections” or any of the other error message that can show up when your web site is experiencing too many traffic and visitors ie traffic surge. As a webmaster I’ve had to deal…

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