How Can Simple Web Design Help Your Business?

There are 5 main things that we can help your business with:

  • 1. Build A Custom Designed, Professional Website
    The main reason we recommend custom designed is because every business is different. Your website has to highlight your business strengths and look professional.

  • 2. Ensure That Your Website Works Correctly On Different Size Devices
    Not all of your customers will view your website from the same device. Some will be on their computer, while other will see your website on smartphone or tablet. That's why we'll ensure your website displays correctly on all of them.

  • 3. Recommend Strategies & Tools To Help You Track Everything
    Would you like to know which web pages your customers spend the most time on? Which webpages do your customers hate? Our recommended tools will help you track how your website is performing. This will continue to help you improve your website.

  • 4. Provide 60 Day Support For Any Website Issues
    Did you misspell something or find that your email is acting up then just call or email us and we'll fix it promptly. After 60 days you can opt for a maintenance plan that's right for your business.

  • 5. Provide Unparalleled Support
    The #1 comment that we receive from business owners that choose to design their websites with us is that we are always ready to answer their call or email. You won't have to wait around for days just to hear back like other web design firms.

About SimpleWebDesign

Simple Web Design, a Houston based company, was originally founded in 2007 by Sam Shah.

Sam's background includes:

  • Graduating with Honors in Computer Science
  • Professionally listed as a source on article
  • His business story on
  • His expertise recognized on Wizpert Blog.
  • Tons of Satisfied clients on Yelp, Testimonials and more

Since his background is in Computer Science, it gives him an added speciality of being able to handle large programming and data intensive websites.

One of the websites he currently maintains and provides support for is Private Security Professionals of America, which has over 10,000 Registered Members from all over the U.S. in the Private Security Industry

Are You Ready To Get Started

The first step is to Request Your Free Web Design quote from our contact page. The quote will help us answer questions such as: what type of website do you need, how many web pages, how many products and so on.

If it's not exactly right that's ok. Remember this is just a quote. We will not bill you anything extra or any surprises.99% of the time the businesses that we work with know the exact amount that we'll be requesting on invoice.

Still Have More Questions? See Our FAQ

For answers to frequently asked questions visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Yelp Reviews

We have been working with Sam and Simple Web design for almost 10 years. Since we started we have received the 1 on 1 treatment that every customer wants! Mind you this is all being done cross country from Texas while we as a customer are based in NY! Simple Web Design recently just took us through the mobile friendly website transition and it couldn't have went smoother. They listened to our needs and made it all work timely and it was very cost effective.

Joe Leuzzi

My experience was amazing!!! Everything I requested turned out perfect on my website. They know exactly how things should look and it was all in a timely manner. The communication was flawless between them and I. I will use them forever and they are my number one recommendation for web design.

Elizabeth Devlin

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