What Type of Websites Can We Build For You?

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Small Business - Web design for small business is the most common type of website that we build. If you're looking for a website for your small business then have a look at our services page for our Bronze & Silver package.

eCommerce / Shopping System - These are websites where the goal of the website is to sell products directly online using a shopping cart system. A shopping cart system with all of the features such as searching, categorizing, adding products to cart, account registration, paying online, secure checkout. For more information about this please give us a call at 281-4468-7690.

Custom Web Design - A custom website can include all of the above and more. If you have a website that has dozens if not hundreds of web pages, members area and any custom features then that website would fall under custom web design.

What Type Of Experience Do Our Web Designers Have?

We've worked with all types of website related techniques and technology. But it isn't just technology but how you use and implement it correctly and securily. Here's a listing of just some of them

  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
    These are the most recent and up-to-date technologies. CSS3 allows us to create faster, cleaner and includes ability to create stunning effects.

  • Sales Video Development / Informational Video Development
    A video can catch a potiential visitor and turn it into a lead.

  • Custom Website Design / Custom Graphics
    This also include logo design, infographics design, brochure design, custom designs that are built only for your website.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization & High Ranking
    Once you have a website then you need visitors to your website. And not just any visitors but visitors that are looking for the type of services you offer. This is where our SEO and SEM features can help you generate traffic from google, other website, advertising, promotions and many other methods.

  • PHP Web Programming
    If you need the ability for customers to do more then just call you, such as buying directly from your ecommerce store then PHP web programming is the programming language that can help you get it done.

  • Mobile Website Design & Development

  • MySQL Database Design and Development

  • Wordpress Design and Integration

  • eCommerce Web Design and Shopping Cart System Development

  • Website Conversion Testing & Optimization

  • Social Media
    Optimization for Twitter, Facebook, Video Distribution, Google+, Bookmarking, Social News, Blog Commenting, Press Release

About Web Design Houston

Hello, My name is Sam Shah and I founded Simple Web Design Houston (Netlyte LLC) in 2007. I was building websites even before 2007 during my education at Dulles High School in Houston. They had a class there "Intro To HTML" or something close and one of things the teacher did was get me and everyone else introduced to HTML (the core of website development) and that's how it all started back in 1998.

I then went on to get my Computer Science Information Systems degree from University of Houston, graduating in 2005 with honors. Since that time I've worked at several IT jobs but during my off time I still did website design.

Luckily one day I stumbled upon a non-profit that needed a webmaster and I decided to help them build a website, free of charge. After their website was done - one of their board members referred me to what can be considered my first client, one of the fastest growing companies in Houston a few years ago. The rest as they say is history.

In 2014 Simple Houston web design and our group, based in Houston, will celebrate over 7 years of providing high quality web design services for businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits. Along with website design we also now provide logo design, brochure design, any type of design that you may need. We also now provide online marketing using SEO / Search Engine Optimization, Video development and advanced online systems (credit card processing, apis, etx).

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