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Making it as a business in any city requires the transition of reaching out to your customers online these days. Houston is an enormous city, and while this means plenty of prospective customers, it also means that there will be tons of competition within each business niche. This is why you need an experienced and one of the top web design company in Houston, with almost 8 years of experience.

Developing your online presence takes time, and it takes professional knowledge about website design and Internet marketing. We at Simple Houston web design agency specialize in professional Houston web design projects and have worked with many small and medium sized businesses.

Ultimately, you'll want to do business with a web design company that can visualize your goals, whether you're a large company or a small business. One that will listen to your objectives and can help you not only create a visually appealing website, but one with the right metrics to put you in touch with your targeted customers. Your website also needs to align with your marketing objectives. Our Houston web design company, SimpleWebDesign.net, can help you by designing a customized website that fits all of the above and more.

Importance Of Houston based Website Design

web design textWhile a networked website does require time and patience, it can result in becoming the single most effective tool when it comes to advertising your business to your potential customers. To boot, the advertising available to you through Internet marketing strategies can be extremely cost efficient when done right, even if you are targeting a local city such as Houston.

Your website of course is what will build the perception of your business through the eyes of your targeted customers, whether they're in Houston or other city. These can be customers that have interacted with you previously in person at your brick and mortar business, or they can be customers who have no prior knowledge of your Houston business and are getting their first impression when the land on your website.

It's therefore extremely important that your website to stand out, provide needed information, give the customer interaction options and of course be user friendly when creating your website navigation. Consider the following important website design concepts:-


The typography of your text needs to be appropriate for your website visitors, and one way to think about this is to put yourself in the shoes of your customers as they visit your site. Realize that when visiting a site, no customer will be able to read everything which is on the page for the most part. This means that you need to think closely about where text is located, highlighting main points and important information.

Some ways to help you do this include the use of bulleted lists, bold headings and proper spacing in between text. The message you are presenting to the customer should be clear and a solid call to action. Everything that's conveyed to the customer should be uniform and aimed towards a solid brand identity as well. This part of a website is often overlooked by most website design companies in Houston but is one that we give particular attention to.

Mobile Browsing - Responsive web design

These days, a website must be able to be viewed in a mobile browser. As each day passes, this becomes more and more of a priority as the amount of people who access the web on their smart phones and tablets increases.

Your website needs to be designed to take advantage of this growing trend and so must be responsive to all the different screen sizes available today such as ipads, iphones, android phones and other tablets. Another thing about mobile design, also known as fluid design, is always keeping updated with compatibility to all new devices. An ongoing relationship with our Houston web design team can ensure that you are on top of this key aspect. Ignore this part of your website design and you’re heading for failure even before you begin.

Services We Provide

Customized Website Design
A professional website is not built from some generic template, but instead it is unique in every aspect of website design. Customized options means that your website will have to be original, and you might even want a customized logo designed for branding purposes.

What unique features make up your website are going to have to do with unique aspects of your Houston based company as well as depend on your business niche. There are going to be certain key website features for certain types of businesses, while those features might not work so well for a different business niche.

Customization is key!

Network Of Pages
Your main website will need to have more than one page. The number of pages for your website initially can vary depending on many factors and your preferences. A basic package for website design might be four to five networked pages, while a more premium package would allow for more pages. You can always have our website design team add more pages as a website grows and moves forward in the future. If you're trying to find out web design houston price then fill out the free quote form which include pricing and services for your website.

Easy Navigation
An easy to navigate website allows visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and provides easy reading. SEO and Social Media
You're also going to want to network the main website with other pages for SEO purposes, and of course you want social media integration on your website along with all the social media pages set up as well.

SEO has everything to do with a websites' design as well. As professionals, we know how to incorporate different SEO strategies into the design of a website so that you have better search engine rankings. As mentioned earlier, local Houston websites are in a competitive environment so getting a good SEO plan on track is vital if you want to succeed.

Social media allows you to connect with local Houston area customers more personally, and it helps you to keep them informed about your business. You definitely need all the social media buttons on your website to help promote social sharing, which can really skyrocket the online presence of your company.

Content Management System's
In essence, this would be your portal to a control panel, which allows you to have the option of updating website content and features. You might want to have the option to do this often, or you might leave most of it to the professionals. Either way, the content management system, however, is a definite must have so that you're able to manage your website as needed.

Developing Videos
Videos are important to website design and targeting customers, and there are some web design teams who are willing to create amazing videos for you. Videos are known to significantly impact conversion rates, so quality videos are a huge plus.

Optional Features
There are going to be many optional features in our web design packages that you can choose from. Security encryption and password protection, different types of e-commerce platforms and more are all options to consider.

Why Choose SimpleWebDesign.net instead of other web design firms Houston Tx?

Having read all this, where will you find a professionl website design in Houston. Our Houston web design studio has helped hundreds of Houston area clients with their website development needs, and we have an online portfolio of business sites for you to browse. This portfolio can show you exactly what we are able to do for you, just as explained here. Of course your website will be one of a kind and we want to establish communication with you to see how assist you by bringing your Houston based business online. Work with SimpleWebDesign.net since we are one of the best web design agency in Houston and you won't have to worry about website design, SEO, email, web hosting or any of that. We can get you going on all fronts so you can be successful with your online venture. Of course if you feel that this is something that you can learn to do by yourself then try visiting wikipedia's web design and development page to see what is really involved in web design.


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